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Integrating with the DSTOQ API - give your customers access to investing.

api new features Jan 20, 2021

We take the opportunity to introduce interested businesses on the Features and Use Cases that the DSTOQ Platform supports today. We’re proud to announce that LOBSTR - a simple and secure Stellar Wallet - is the second interface to facilitate securities trading via DSTOQs P2P-Platform (with the first one being the DSTOQ Mobile app). 

Everyone active in the fintech and banking space knows how cumbersome and lengthy new product features in the finance sector can be. Often, from deciding to add a new feature or product, to actually going live with that product takes years of legal consultation, regulatory coordination, iterations with the regulators and your company loses time and money. 

DSTOQ went through this process for you. We designed a powerful yet easy to integrate API that abstracts and takes care of all regulatory, capital markets & KYC / AML related topics for you. Our legal framework gives you access to cutting-edge trading technology while you are not holding customers funds. Consequently, businesses building on the DSTOQ platform do not require additional licenses and do not have risk exposure to the traded securities or deposits. 

Prior to DSTOQ, there was a lot to think about when you want to embed securities trading into your product - this is no longer the case thanks to DSTOQ. We deeply care about the abstraction of financial business processes. Everything on our API is easy, everything that is hard is managed by us.

Let’s have a technical sneak peek at what we mean:

What happened? An offer has been created on the DSTOQ Platform to buy one share of TSLA. It probably matched within seconds, because assets on the DSTOQ platform are liquid and settlement happens within seconds. The customer could have opted for fractional shares and the minimum trade size can be as low as you prefer; 24/7. 

There is a lot more going on under the hood. If you are doing this for the first time, the very same few lines of code would have guided you through an onboarding process to enforce regulatory compliance.


A responsive onboarding flow.


DSTOQ is managing the entire KYC/AML process. If your business already has its own KYC processes, we can sync the documentation in a privacy-preserving and regulatory compliant way for an even smoother experience.

However, our integration has more to it. The actual assets that are traded are safe and secure with a custodian bank in Europe and DSTOQ manages the demand and liquidity on the platform for you at any time around the clock. We have integrated various payment gateways and have opened our system to a wide range of available countries, all operating on the same Peer 2 Peer Trading Layer. The customer relationship remains yours and you can whitelabel our product at your convenience, we’re there to weave in to manage problems with customers' funds and their access to their securities. DSTOQ is fast and reliable trading on a high availability tech stack. 24/7.


DSTOQ abstracts all the difficult components in securities trading.

Features and Tooling are one side of the coin; fast implementation is the other. You don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating trading functionality. We have well defined APIs and battle tested and scalable business processes that allow for an ease of integration that bring true agile development cycles to the world of finance.

We built it all from experience, because we use them for ourselves - you are building on APIs that the DSTOQ Mobile App (available in the App- and Playstore) is using.

In order to build a beautiful and engaging interface for your customers you need access to a broader set of tools and solutions.


All interfaces are embracing flexibility and fast prototyping.

Try it out! Here’s a live view into the current TSLA Orderbook: 


The API is designed to output self-explanatory payloads.

We do not only provide you with data such as orderbook, balances, charting data and so on. We have a whole suite of solutions to common problems such as regulatory-compliant recovery for lost funds and Bring-your-own-KYC in case your customers are already identified in your system and you want to take whitelabeling one step further. 

Here’s another sample on how to react to events that we are firing into your webhooks, it’s simple:

We provided you with the tip of an iceberg here on what is possible right now.

DSTOQ is interested in evaluating and exploring use cases with you. We’re in this together and want to listen to businesses interested in building on DSTOQ and are here to help. So no matter if you are into business, sales or tech and want to challenge an idea and bring it into production, we’re here to help and support you.


If you're interested in finding out more, contact us on [email protected].


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