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Integrating with the DSTOQ API - give your customers access to investing.

api new features Jan 20, 2021

We take the opportunity to introduce interested businesses on the Features and Use Cases that the DSTOQ Platform supports today. We’re proud to announce that LOBSTR - a simple and secure Stellar Wallet - is the second interface to facilitate securities trading via DSTOQs P2P-Platform (with the first one being the DSTOQ Mobile app). 

Everyone active in the fintech and banking space knows how cumbersome and lengthy new product features in the finance sector can be. Often, from deciding to add a new feature or product, to actually going live with that product takes years of legal consultation, regulatory coordination, iterations with the regulators and your company loses time and money. 

DSTOQ went through this process for you. We designed a powerful yet easy to integrate API that abstracts and takes care of all regulatory, capital markets & KYC / AML related topics for you. Our legal framework gives you access to cutting-edge trading technology while you...

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