Restricted Countries

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Afghanistan Asia & Pacific No
Angola Africa No
Australia Asia & Pacific No
Austria Europe No
Belarus Europe No
Belgium Europe No
Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe No
Bulgaria Europe No
Burundi Africa No
Cambodia Asia & Pacific No
Canada North America No
Central African Republic Africa No
Chad Africa No
China Asia & Pacific No
Colombia South/Latin America No
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Africa No
Côte d'Ivoire Africa No
Croatia Europe No
Cuba South/Latin America No
Cyprus Europe No
Czechia Europe No
Denmark Europe No
Egypt Arab States No
Eritrea Africa No
Estonia Europe No
Ethiopia Africa No
Finland Europe No
France Europe No
Germany Europe No
Greece Europe No
Greenland Europe No
Guinea Africa No
Guinea-Bissau Africa No
Guyana South/Latin America No
Haiti South/Latin America No
Hong Kong Asia & Pacific No
Hungary Europe No
Iceland Europe No
India Asia & Pacific No
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Asia & Pacific No
Iraq Arab States No
Ireland Europe No
Italy Europe No
Japan Asia & Pacific No
Korea (Democratic People's Republic of) Asia & Pacific No
Lao People's Democratic Republic Asia & Pacific No
Latvia Europe No
Lebanon Arab States No
Liberia Africa No
Libya Arab States No
Liechtenstein Europe No
Lithuania Europe No
Luxembourg Europe No
Maldives Asia & Pacific No
Mali Africa No
Malta Europe No
Myanmar Asia & Pacific No
Netherlands Europe No
New Zealand Asia & Pacific No
Norway Europe No
Pakistan Asia & Pacific No
Philippines Asia & Pacific No
Poland Europe No
Portugal Europe No
Romania Europe No
Slovakia Europe No
Slovenia Europe No
Somalia Arab States No
South Sudan Africa No
Spain Europe No
Sri Lanka Asia & Pacific No
Sudan Arab States No
Sweden Europe No
Switzerland Europe No
Syrian Arab Republic Asia & Pacific No
Taiwan, Province of China Asia & Pacific No
Trinidad and Tobago South/Latin America No
Tunisia Arab States No
Turkmenistan Asia & Pacific No
Uganda Africa No
Ukraine Europe No
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Europe No
United States of America North America No
Uzbekistan Asia & Pacific No
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) South/Latin America No
Yemen Arab States No
Zimbabwe Africa No


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